Psychedelic Society of Minneapolis Community Testimonials

Promising! A platform to build the community on.
— Dennis, St. Paul
A wonderful group of conscious people.
— Stewart, Minneapolis
Wow! So many like minded, wonderful people!
— Corey, Minneapolis
Visionary evolution in motion! This group gives me deep hope our planet’s future!
— Patti, St. Paul
Wonderful, Growing very fast.
— Mickey, Minneapolis
I’m proud to be a part of the Renaissance and all that this group stands for!
— John, Twin Cities
Thank you!
— RoxAnn, St. Paul
— Steen, St. Paul
— William, Minneapolis
“Exciting to see how rapidly positive developments in psychedelic studies are happening. It’s been a long time coming—finally after over 40 years ”
— Ron, St. Paul
Today I attended my first psychedelic philosophy group meeting and was so impressed by the informative and thoughtful discussion that I went directly to the therapy group discussion that followed at another location. Both were wonderful experiences that introduced me to educational resources to help advance the fight against so much suffering that people face in mental illness. This group and the website are inspiring.
— Mike, Minneapolis

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