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Testimonial Submission

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Have you had a profound and life altering experience with psychedelics? Here is your chance to get involved! Every testimony adds up and will give us more to offer law-makers incentive to sponsor a bill. All submissions have the option of being completely anonymous, but those of you who are able to be transparent about your testimonies are encouraged to do so.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not include names of other people in your testimonial without their consent.

  • Writing about more specific reasons or experiences may be easier for law-makers to digest, rather than broad reports of personal development.

  • We will not be publishing these testimonials, but they will be seen by public officials and peripheral staff. There is, however, an option below to have your testimonial published.

  • Some of the people reading these may come from an inexperienced and/or skeptical perspective, so use your words carefully.

You can choose to be anonymous, but full names will carry more weight.
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This can help us when testimonials are delivered to specific legislative representatives.
Write a short paragraph describing a personal experience or healing process with psychedelics. The more specific and personal, the more weight it will carry when politicians read it. Also, legal experiences are preferable (Peru, Amsterdam, clinical trials, etc...), but it doesn't have to be.
Check here if you are interested in doing a live testimonial (city council hearing, member events, tabling events, etc...).
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