Our Team

Jessica Nielson, PhD - Founder


Jessica is a neurobiologist, data scientist, and psychedelic researcher, and an advocate for drug policy, social justice and cognitive liberty. She is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Minnesota, jointly appointed in the department of Psychiatry and the Institute for Health Informatics. Her lab focuses on researching the neurobiology of trauma, combining novel machine learning methods with existing data repositories to identify more precise “bio-types” of trauma-related disorders and their appropriate treatments. Her lab also focuses on researching the effectiveness of various psychedelic therapies, including ayahuasca and psilocybin, to treat trauma-related disorders. She relocated from San Francisco to Minneapolis in 2017, and founded the Psychedelic Society of Minneapolis in February of 2018.

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Christopher Gunlock, MHS - Event Organizer, Web Developer

When Christopher isn’t presenting talks on psychedelics and managing psychedelic social media, he works in health consulting at Open Mind Health Club with a masters in integrative medicine at The George Washington University. Christopher has been deeply influenced by non-ordinary states of consciousness since early childhood. These influences include experiences with psychedelic substances and extensive training in Transcendental Meditation at the Maharishi University of Management, where he completed undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics. Here in the PSM, he works towards making psychedelics a healthy part of society and encourages transparency about their experiences.


Eric Peterson - Event Organizer, Leadership Team

Eric is attending graduate school for his M.A. in Counseling and Psychological Services and a Graduate Certificate in Addiction Studies. He is interested in the therapeutic and healing effects of psychedelics and has the goal of being a psychedelic therapist in the future. Making psychedelic medicines accessible and affordable for everyone is what he is dedicated to. When he is not in class or giving presentations for the PSM, you can find him rollerblading, kayaking, or pondering the questions of the universe. Eric hopes that one day he will have his own psychedelic therapy center for people to come to for healing and spiritual purposes.

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…And the dozens of active organizers and members that have helped build this beautiful community.