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With the recent successes in Denver and Oakland to decriminalize entheogenic plants/fungi, efforts in other cities are popping up all over the country, it's time for Minneapolis to join the call and do what we can to help.

Mission Statement:

Decriminalize Nature Minneapolis is working to promote the wellness of individuals through the decriminalization of entheogenic plants and fungi. Removing criminal penalties for these healing substances will help improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of our community.

Who We Are:

Our grassroots community organization is focused on the responsible use of entheogenic plants and fungi. We intend to inform Minneapolis residents and city officials about the healing potential of entheogens through educational campaigns and political engagement for the purpose of encouraging a sensible, evidence-based, drug policy.

Here’s our plan:

  1. Recruit volunteers from our ~700 PSM members, 1000+ social media followers, and ~230 Psychedelic Neuroscience members. Form committees dealing with political engagement, public relations, law enforcement engagement, medical community engagement, and fundraising.

  2. Utilize informational handouts and events to gather community support.

  3. Deliver testimonials, educational material, and formal resolutions to city officials for recommendation.

If you are interested in helping out, check out the links below.

Testimonial Submission

Have you had a profound and life altering experience with psychedelics? Are you interested in sharing your story in an effort to persuade law makers to make some policy changes around the criminalization of psychedelics? Here is your chance to get involved! We are currently gathering testimonials through an online form found here. All submissions have the option of being completely anonymous.

Become a Committee Member

Current committees:

Politician Engagement, PR/Advocacy, Law Enforcement Engagement, Clinician Engagement, Writing and Fundraising.

Much of our organizing occurs on our page. You can become a member by answering a few questions about your interests and submitting a photo for approval. It takes a day or two to be approved. From there you will be able to see scheduled meetings and online discussion posts. Other committee interactions and networking opportunities can be inquired within official meetings. This is also where you can get involved in all our other Psychedelic Society meetings and events! Check out the membership guidelines here.

Learn About Decriminalization - Share the Knowledge

This informational portal is a great place to start if you’re either new to entheogens or are already an enthusiastic researcher that could use more resources. Learn what decriminalization really means and why these plants/fungi are important. Then dive into academic research, recent articles, podcasts, and first-hand experiences as you please.

-(Under Construction)-

Donate Money!

We’re currently looking to fund informational materials, event tabling, public parties, and staff employment. Even small dollar amounts can keep our operations running smoothly, thank you so much for anything you can do!